Outing Leaders

GMC Bread Loaf outing leaders are volunteers who are familiar with the terrain and difficulty level of their outings. The list of their responsibilities is published below. Leaders are available to answer questions prior to announced events. Some events have an educational theme (such as history, wildflowers, geology, etc.) at which time a knowledgeable guest guide will join the outing leader.

Leaders' Documents:

Leaders: Choose an outing from Bread Loaf's "Favorites" (or submit a new one!)

  1. List of Favorite Bread Loaf Activities by Type (revised June 2016) download PDF. Check out the list for outing ideas!
  2. Select an activity you would like to lead, then... 
  3. Send an email Mike Greenwood (Outings Chair) at mike802vt@comcast.net to let him know your choice along with the date and details. You may choose to use our Outing Planning Form (download PDF; revised Feb 2016) to provide prospective participants with an informative description of your outing.

Considerations when planning an outing: 

Location: There are many areas where Bread Loaf outings may be held. They include: 
  • Long Trail
  • Moosalamoo Recreation Area 
  • Adirondacks 
  • Addison County 
  • Areas outside Addison County 
Skill level:  Easy, Moderate, or Difficult 

Safety:  Helmets are required for cycling; PFDs for water sports (Personal Flotation Devices) 

Access:  Consider whether the area you are starting from has parking limitations. Encourage carpooling! 

Season of the year:  Mud season, bird nesting seasons, hunting seasons. Special equipment may be needed for weather conditions such as crampons, poles, rain gear, layers of clothing for warmth. extra food and water.   

Think about co-sponsors!   Consider leading a joint outing/event with another group with a focus on geology, history, wildlife, etc.