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Bread Loaf Section members and guests share their photos of recent events and outings. Scroll down to view all current photo albums / slideshows. Also: See many photos in our Photo Archives and click here for Special Events photos.
  • Links to Young Adventurers Club photos are also on our YAC page (by outing date).

Current 2017 Photos (in reverse chronological order)
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Hikers at Skylight Pond trailhead in Ripton
Photos: D.Andrews (12/9/2017)

Hikers at Bittersweet Falls in Weybridge
Photos: J. Vickers (12/6/2017)

Photos: R.Penfield & J. Vickers

Taconic Mountain Ramble
Photos: R.Penfield
Photos: R.Penfield
(above) Young Adventurers Club explore Robert Frost Interpretive Trail,
Ripton (9/24/17) 
photos: L. Bierman

Silver Lake Hike (Sept 22, 2017)
(above) Silver Lake Loop hike (9/22/17)
Photos: R.Penfield
(above) Annual Labor Day potluck picnic & corn (9/4/17)
Photos: R.Penfield

August 19, 2017 hikes
Photos: M. Greenwood & A. Christie

Kingsland Bay State Park 7/30/17
Photos: R. Penfield

Photos: R. Penfield, D. Andrews

Photo credit: R Penfield
Photos: R Penfield, A Motta
(above) Hike to Silver Lake partially in light rain (7/1/17)
Photos: R Penfield

Cooley Glen, May 2017
(above)  Cooley Glen hike, May 2017 (5/20/17)
photos: M. Greenwood & D. Andrews

Kingsland Back wildflower walk
photos: R. Penfield & D. Andrews

YAC's Spirit in Nature walk
(above) Young Adventurers Club explores trails at Spirit in Nature, Ripton (4/22/17) 
photos: L. Bierman

(above two photos)  Snowshoe at Spirit in Nature, Ripton (3/25/17)
photos: W. Warren

Widow's Clearing Snowshoe Trek (3/18/17)
photos: R. Penfield

(above two photos)  Snowshoe at Spirit In Nature (2/17/17)
photos: D. Andrews

x-c ski to Goshen Dam
(above)  X-C Ski to Goshen Dam (2/11/17)
photos: M. Greenwood, W. Warren

Annual Meeting photos
(above)  2017 Annual Meeting photos (1/26/17)
photos: R. Penfield
photos: R. Penfield
photos: R. Penfield
(above) Hiking Mt. Philo, Charlotte (1/7/17)
photos: M. Greenwood & R. Penfield

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