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Bread Loaf Section members and guests share their photos of recent events and outings. 
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Photos: R. Penfield, A. Miller taken on 4/6 (pre-hike) and 4/14/2018  

(above) Button Bay, Ferrisburgh
Photo: R. Burt (3/24, 2018)

Spirit in Nature Snowshoe, Ripton
Photos: R. Spooner, R. Penfield (3/10/2018)

(above) Shelburne Farms hike, Shelburne
Photos: A. Christie, R. Penfield (2/24/18)

(above) TAM hike to Belden Falls, Middlebury
Photos: D. Andrews (2/10/2018)

Photos: A. Christie, W. Warren (1/27/18)
Photos: W. Warren, M, Greenwood, R. Penfield (1/20/18)

Hike at Watershed Center 01/19/2018
(above) Hike at Watershed Center in Bristol
Photos: R. Penfield (1/19/18)

x-ski Trade Winds Farm
Photos: R. Penfield (1/8/18)

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