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Outing & Event Photos 2015

2015 Bread Loaf Section outing photos (shown below) were taken in the following areas: 
  • Hike Bridges/Catamount Trail, Ripton (December) 
  • Walk Mt. Philo, Charlotte (December) 
  • Hike Skylight Pond, Ripton (December) 
  • Hike Rattlesnake Cliff above Lake Dunmore (December) 
  • Hike Ausable River, Adirondack Reserve, NY (November) 
  • Hike Rattlesnake Point Cliffs, Salisbury (October) 
  • Hike Camels Hump, Huntington (September) 
  • Corn Roast Potluck, Middlebury (September) 
  • Hike Abbey Pond, Middlebury (August) 
  • Kingsland Bay Paddle, Bike, Picnic (August) 
  • Trail Magic Day, App & Midd Gaps (August) 
  • Hike Mt Abe, Lincoln (August) 
  • Hike Pitchoff Mountain, Keene, NY (July) 
  • Hike Hurricane Mountain, Keene, NY (July) 
  • GMC Annual Meeting, Waterbury (June) 
  • Winooski Footbridge Opening, Bolton (June) 
  • Hike Watershed Center, Bristol (June) 
  • Hike Chittenden Brook Trails, Brandon (June) 
  • GreenUp Festival MNFC, Middlebury (May) 
  • Hike Buck Mountain Hike, Waltham (May) 
  • Hike Silver Lake, Salisbury/Goshen (April) 
  • Snowshoe Water Tower Trails, Ripton (March) 
  • X-C Ski Norske Trail, Ripton (February) 
  • Snowshoe Water Tower Trails, Ripton (February) 
  • Snowshoe Bristol Cliffs Wilderness, Bristol (January) 
  • GMC Bread Loaf Annual Meeting, Middlebury (January)
(above) Hike Bridges/Catalount Trail in Ripton (not a x-c ski; where's the snow?!)
photos: M. Greenwood
(above) Walk up Mt. Philo (12/19/15)
photos: R. Penfield, E. Mastalos

Rattlesnake Cliffs viewpoint
(above) Rattlesnake Cliffs hike (12/12/15)
photos: R. Penfield, I. Hughes, M. Greenwood

View from the Skyline Lodge, looking east.
(above) Skylight Pond hike (12/5/15)
photos: Five of the hike participants! 

Snowy, pretty morning in the Adirondack Mountain Reserve along the Ausable River. (11/14/2015)
(above) Adirondack Mountain Reserve (11/14/15)
photos: J. Morgan
(above) Rattlesnake Point (10/18/15)
photos: R. Penfield, 

The sun did break out from the clouds ever so briefly causing all to remark on the beauty of a most delightful vista
(above) Camel's Hump hike (9/28/15)
photos: M. Greenwood

Nice group, good weather day.
(above) Group hike to Abbey Pond (8/29/15)
photos: M. Greenwood

(above) Leaders David (paddle) & Jill (bike ride)
at Kingsland Bay. 
photo: R. Penfield

View from the summit. Hike down encountered "rain and a bit of hail."
(above) Hike Mt. Abe (Lincoln), 8/1/2015
photos: M. Greenwood, J. Vickers
(above) Hike Hurricane Mtn (ADK in NY), 7/28/2015
photos: M. Greenwood
photos: R. Burt, J. Vickers
(above) Hike from Brandon Gap to Chittenden Brook Trails 
(Goshen-Chittenden) 6/7/2015 
photos: R. Penfield & L. Coeby
Bristol-New Haven.  (6/6/2015)
photos: B. Cormier & J. Vickers

(above) Hike to Buck Mountain, Waltham (5/2/2015)
photo: D. Andrews

Some of our hikers at Silver Lake. No ice!
(above) Hike to Silver Lake, Goshen (4/25/2015)
photo: R.Penfield
(above) Snowshoe Water Tower Trails, Ripton (3/14/2015)
photo: J. Vickers/R.Penfield
(above) X-C Skiing the Norske Trail, Ripton (2/28/2015)
photo: J. Vickers
(above) Snowshoe Water Tower Trails, Ripton (2/14/2015)
photos: S. Simmel / R. Penfield
(above) Snowshoe in Bread Loaf Wilderness, Lincoln (1/31/2015)
photo: B. Eliason/J. Vickers
(above) 2015 Bread Loaf Annual Meeting, Middlebury (1/24/2015)
photos: M. Kraus

(above) Walk at Button Bay, Ferrisburgh, (1/3/2015)
photo: L.Coeby