Long Trail Day 2022

GMC's Annual Community Fundraiser

Thanks to everyone who contributed to GMC's annual community fundraiser! You still have time to contribute on your own or toward our section's Team, the BreadLoaf Loafers until Sept 24th.

Our Bread Loaf Section leaders led four different group hikes on our whole section.

A total of 18 hikers did our section of the Long Trail between Emily Proctor trailhead and Sucker Brook trailhead. And at the end of the day, thirteen of us celebrated with refreshments at Drop-In Brewing in Middlbury. So far our team has raised $750 (as of 9/12) for the GMC and all had a great time!

About Bread Loaf section LT Day hikes and wrap up celebration

On Saturday Sept 10th, the Bread Loaf (BL) section hiked the whole section over the course of Long Trail Day with the four different hikes all on one day. The hikes were from Emily Proctor to Sucker Brook trailhead, and we ended the day with a celebration at Drop-In Brewing in Middlebury at 4-6PM.


  • We met at least nine (9) NOBO end-to-enders on the LT and enjoyed sharing the fact that they were hiking on Long Trail Day!

  • The total number of participants on our 4 led hikes on Saturday was 18 hikers.

  • David Morrissey, BL President, did a solo 17-mile trail run of our entire section from Emily Proctor trailhead to the Sucker Brook trailhead.

  • Ellen Cronan, BLTrails Manager, led an 11-mile hike with a group of 7 from Emily Proctor trailhead to Middlebury Gap.

  • Beth Eliason, BL Director & VP, led a 6-mile hike with a group of 8 from the Burnt Hill Trail to the LT and Middlebury Gap.

  • Ruth Penfield & Doug McKain hiked 5.5 miles (RT) from Sucker Brook trailhead to Worth Mountain.

  • All were invited to a post-hike meetup at Drop-In Brewing in Middlebury and 13 hikers attended to share the day's stories.

GMC chose a beautiful day for hiking!