Trails & Trail Work

Trail Notes/Updates in the Bread Loaf area

Our section of the Long Trail is from Sucker Brook Shelter northward through Middlebury Gap (Vt. route 125) to Emily Proctor Shelter.

Please check the GMC Headquarters website's Trail Updates for notices about trail conditions along the entire Long Trail.

Contact Us About Trail Work

Our Trail Manager for the Bread Loaf Section beginning in 2015 is David Morrissey. If you are interested in learning more, read our Trail Work Procedures at Bread Loaf. David will send out email alerts a few weeks prior to each workday. Weather permitting, there are always volunteer opportunities which can be done individually or in a group! If you have questions about trail maintenance in our section or to volunteer, please contact David.

Thank you!

Photos of Trail Work 

It's been a wet fall so far, and the waterbars need to be cleared of sediment & leaf litter.
Check out how rewarding the work is that our volunteer trail work parties are. Take a look at some photos of recent trail work parties.

Weather Reports of Vermont Peaks

Mountain Point Forecast gives you real-time weather reports on Vermont Peaks!

Safety Tips & Hunting Seasons

Also, before heading out to enjoy outdoor treks or paddles, please check our Section's page of Safety Reminders including dates of Vermont's hunting seasons.  

Raking out

"Remember that anyone who can hike 3-5 miles and wield a rake, hoe or clippers can do trail maintenance. We love to have new folks on the crew. And sometimes there are even cookies! "

Chip Morgan (Trail Manager 2007-2013)

Trail Work Schedule 2015*

mid-late May


Spring clean-up  

Summer weed whacking at 
Sucker Brook & Worth Mountain

Fall waterbar maintenance & clipping

*dates to be scheduled  All will Saturday dates, with Sunday rain dates.

There is work for all abilities, so please contact our trails manager David Morrissey at or phone him 802.352.1060 if you are interested in participating.

2013 Trail Maintenance Report

by Heather Bessette, Bread Loaf trail manager (reported at Jan. 25, 2014 GMC Bread Loaf Annual Meeting) 
As always, trail crews in the Bread Loaf Section put in their time and hard work during the 2013 season. Work parties occurred on May 18th and October 19th and a total of eleven volunteers put in 60 hours of their time. Additionally, Chip Morgan and Doug McKain put in additional hours replacing puncheon up on Worth Mountain.

Unfortunately, the government shutdown in October made the Fall work party a bit more challenging, but Chip and I plugged away and got done what was needed to prepare the trails for winter.

Due to other commitments I was not able to participate with The Abbey Pond Trail project and yet once again many of our Bread Loaf volunteers were involved with the US Forest Service in the relocation of this trail. Certainly, Chip, Doug, and Kathy Duclos can share more about this.

I would like to thank Chip for his guidance and his continued dedication to trails. He has guided me in my transition as Trails and Shelter Chair and his support and hard work has been invaluable. I also want to thank Ruth Penfield, Doug, and Nancy Morgan for their support and hard work as well. I appreciate all the volunteers who work so hard to maintain our trails and look forward to seeing you all in the spring.

Happy Trails!!
Heather Bessette
Trails and Shelter Chair, Bread Loaf Section