Green Mountain Club (GMC) Bread Loaf Section

We are the Bread Loaf Section of the Green Mountain Club (GMC) in the Addison County area of Vermont. Non-members are always welcome. Read more about who we are on our About page.

After a long year of social distancing followed by mud season, hiking season is finally upon us.

Last year, the Green Mountain Club experienced a 35 percent average increase in use on the Long Trail and an 80 percent increase in use of overnight shelters, and we anticipate another busy season ahead. GMC asks hikers to help protect natural resources by being good trail stewards and responsible members of the hiking community. Read the latest GMC Press Release .

Please hike safely on local trails and follow social distancing guidelines.

For a list of recommended hikes BY REGION, go to HIKE VT, love, GMC... SUMMER!

Safety Tips: Read trail updates, check the weather & bring a map!

Safety Reminders including link to Hunting Season dates (on this website)

Alternatives to group hikes: Hike with your family & close friends. Or go virtual!

"Maps & Resources" page is a list for areas to explore close to home in Champlain Valley with members of your household.

- OR - "Adventures with Ivor!" Pop some popcorn and go to the movies (on YouTube) and experience new hikes with Ivor.

-AND- Check what's scheduled on GMC's Virtual Workshops & Events and recorded Speaker Series presentations.

More Online Resources

To help ensure a safe and fun outdoor experience, we strongly encourage you to read and learn from these online resources before heading outside:

Bring a map!

  • Refer to published maps & resources. (We maintain a variety of links to info on this website.)

  • To check out the GMC's new digital downloadable maps that don't require cell phone service, click HERE. (Or click on GMC's 'Shop' menu item.) Once there, scroll down to view all available maps. Please note that GMC strongly recommends always having a paper map and compass in the backcountry. Digital devices may fail due to batteries dying, getting wet or broken, etc, and should only be used as an addition to paper maps.

Check conditions and the weather