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Ivor who?

Ivor Hughes has served as our section's alternate director 2015 - 2022. Read more about Ivor and his hiking background.

Thank you, Ivor, for producing and sharing these backpacking adventures, their magnificent scenery and your entertaining narration!

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(above) Ivor offers a brief introduction to his hiking videos during a time when travel has been suspended. (2:50)

April 2020 - By Ivor Hughes

"For your viewing pleasure during these house arrest times, we hope these narrated movies might provide you an entertaining distraction. But first get the beers out and drink a couple of bottles or a couple of glasses of wine first, then find a comfortable seat.

You have to remember that these were engineers and the show was put together by an engineer and I don’t apologize for this. Watching on a big screen is more enjoyable and you may get YouTube directly on some Tv’s or via ROKU or iPad connected to your smart TV."

Happy viewing! Ivor

Watch them all!

Chilkoot Trail (Alaska to the Yukon), Dark Canyon (Utah), Grand Tetons (Wyoming), Grand Canyon's North Rim (Arizona), Capitol Reef (Utah), Indian Peaks Wilderness(Colorado).

Adventures on Other Continents (4 trips, including Mont Blanc)

The Dolomites, Tour du Mt. Blanc, Patagonia, Antarctica

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Highlighting the latest adventure...

Summer 2019 - Tour du Mont Blanc

Four friends on a walkabout in the Alps in 2 parts (30 minutes each)

"There are 2 parts so get up during the intermission and do jumping jacks in case you drop off to sleep in part 2." ~Ivor

Here's the "build up"... Meet the four friends in this highly entertaining 1-minute trailer!

We hope these trips provide you with some ideas and give you itchy feet to get out and enjoy the great outdoors once we get through the current situation. As always we encourage you to join us at the Green Mountain Club on organized hikes at all levels. There is also a special branch for kids called “The Young Adventurers Club.” The Green Mountain Club is the custodian of the Long Trail that runs the length of Vermont as well as the 80 odd side trails.

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