Adventure on Other Continents

Dolomite's hiking, Italy, 2016 (29:50)

From Bolzano to Cortina. Hiking amongst the towering panicles of the Dolomites such as Cinque Torri and Tre-Cime-di-Lavaredo. Stopping along the way at village accommodation.

Tour du Mt. Blanc Part 1, June 2019 (29:18)

This classic and historic trek of some 110 miles that circumnavigates the Mount Blanc Massif passing through France, Italy and Switzerland. The scenery is spectacular with many choices of accommodation on the route from mountain huts to a range of hotels and pensiones. Usually starting Town is Chamonix, France.

Tour du Mt. Blanc Part 2, June 2019 (29:44)

Patagonia Part 1, El Chalten & Mt. Fitz Roy, 2018 (24:53)

Patagonia is a region that straddles Argentina and Chile in the lower part of South America. There are two areas to hike and explore. In Part One we hike in the Mt Fitzroy area and in Part Two travel south to the Torres de Pane National Park to hike the W trails. This is a region of lakes, glaciers and towering pinnacles.

Patagonia Part 2, Tores del Paine, W Tre, 2018 (20:08)

Antarctica, 2018 Nov. (42:22)

A once in a lifetime adventure to the bottom of the world. Antarctica a continent larger than America is one of the last places on earth least explored or exploited. Fantastic sea life, glaciers and pristine landscape.