Calendar of Activities

Our calendar is up-to-date with activities through August 2019 including outings, trail work dates, and special events.

The public is welcome and we encourage all new members to attend! All leaders are Bread Loaf Section members. Please contact the Outing Leaders a few days before the event to find out all necessary details as well as the level of difficulty. Events that are dog friendly are so noted. For additional events of interest, scroll to look below the calendar.

Annual cliff closings in Vermont: Cliff trails are closed during peregrine falcon nesting season March 15-August 1st. Check VT Fish & Wildlife page.

Raven Ridge Trail in Monkton is closed March 1- June 15th.

Why we don’t always list Bread Loaf’s activity start times: When our hike leaders publish hikes, some of us choose to intentionally omit start times because: 1) potential participants can then contact us beforehand so we can provide details & any last minute changes to the hike plans, 2) we can wait a few minutes if someone who is expected is delayed, and 3) unfortunately (but true) cars at trailheads have been targets for break-ins so we don't advertise the time when many cars will be unattended. Some leaders do publish start times. It's the leader's choice.

Some of our leaders are now listing their outings on check out our page at


    • "Pop-up" hikes, updates and changes often happen after our newsletters are printed/published, therefore, always check our website outings information at: Outings/Calendar or

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Other events of interest in Addison County:

  • Monthly Wildlife Walks. Otter Creek Audubon & Middlebury Area Land Trust (MALT) Monthly Wildlife Walks are open to community members to help survey birds and other wildlife at Otter View Park in Middlebury and the Hurd Grassland in Weybridge. For dates and detailed listings of upcoming outings, visit the MALT website or Otter Creek Audubon website.

Abbey Pond Trail, a favorite hike

Have you hiked up to Abbey Pond lately? All year 'round, it is a favorite Middlebury hike!

Significant trail improvements were completed on the upper trail in Aug. 2013, and this year additional rock work on stream crossings was completed in October 2014 (photos) thanks to generous donations to the Levi Duclos Memorial Fund.

Check out our photos (slideshow) taken on our Sunday, October 20, 2013 hike so you can appreciate portions of the "new" trail.

For more background and photos, go to our Abbey Pond Trail Project page.

These look good! Big improvement to the crossing at the pond's outlet.