Photos of Trail Work

Beginning in 2015, trail work on our section of the Long Trail is managed by David Morrissey. Please contact David if you are interested in helping out!

We have several photos of work parties in action. (To open a photo album: Click on the image or link in the caption. When you're done, close the window to return to this page.)

After coffee and doughnuts, our well-prepared Trail crew leader, David Morrissey, divides up the crew into two groups of six.

Sucker Brook Shelter's new privy

In early October, a new moldering privy was installed at Sucker Brook Shelter. It's located down the hill in front of the shelter.

Thanks to everyone involved in this work, from the carpenters to the crew who hauled the components into the wilderness area and the folks who put it together on the new site. As one admirer commented: "It's a palace!"

Learn more about this style of privy in an article written for GMC website blog:

A New Privy is Built (at David Logan Shelter)

Sucker Brook Shelter's new moldering privy.
Photo: October 9, 2020

Sorry, lately our workers are so busy doing the actual work, we have very few photos to share.

Here are some of 2018's blowdowns being cleared: On 7/29/2018 more than 20 trees in the Worth Mountain wilderness area were cleared. More cross cut saw work!

Blowdowns in wilderness areas had to be cleared with a cross cut saw.

More photos of June 9, 2018 trail workers. (photos: W. Warren, K. Norden)

More Trail Work photos (2017 > 2015)

Three of our 7 fall clean-up trail crew on Oct. 14, 2017.

photo: J. Vickers

June 2017 Trail Work

Photos of our 6+ mile walk-through on 6/3/2017 from Midd Gap to Brooks Road.

Including 14 photos of beautiful new steps (built in Sept 2016) near Snow Bowl.

Some of the crew who participated on our June 4, 2016 work day, going in on the Sucker Brook Trail.

MANY THANKS to all our volunteers!

Photo Archives: Previous Years' Trail Work (below)

This trail crew performed the final maintenance for the season on Oct 27, 2012.

Trail crew worked on LT, south from Midd Gap on May 19, 2012 (photo: N. Morgan)