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Bread Loaf Section members and friends share their photos of recent events and outings.

2020 Photos of Outings & Events

(above) TAM trek from Wright Park to Belden Falls, Middlebury. 02-22-2020 (photos: L. Asermily, R. Penfield)

(above) Snowshoe to Owl's Head Lookout, ADK in NY 02/15/2020 (photos: B. Francis, R. Penfield.)

(above) Snowshoe to Bristol Ledges, 2/8/2020 (photos: R. Penfield)

(above) Hike with friends up Mt. Philo, Charlotte. 02/01/2020 (photos: R. Penfield.)

(above) Special snowshoe tour at the Lemon Fair Sculpture Park, Shoreham, 1/25/2020 (photos: R. Penfield, D. Phelps, W. Warren)

About the park:

(above) A "brisk" day for snowshoeing on the Water Tower Trails to Window's Clearing, 1/18/2020 (photos: D. Phelps, R. Penfield.)

Learn more about trails in the Moosalamoo National Recreation Area.

(above) At Bread Loaf's first event of the new year, a small group hiked Spirit in Nature trails in Ripton. 1/4/2020 (photos: L. Merrill) Learn more about the Spirit in Nature non-profit organization & their trail system.

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