2021 Outings & Event Photos

Pease Mountain hike in Charlotte

12/18/2021 (photos: R. Penfield)

Hike at Raven Ridge Natural Area, Monkton.
11/13/2021 (photos: A. Christie, C. Peters, A. Seigenglanz, R Penfield)

Starks Nest, Mad River Glen

11/6/2021 (photos: B. Francis, I. Hughes,
C. Peters)

Noonmark Mtn, ADK

10/21/2021 (photos: B. Francis)

(above) Rattlesnake Point foliage hike, Salisbury

10/15/2021 (Photos: R. Penfield) 

(above) Trail Around Middlebury / Chipman Hill

10/8/2021 (Photos: I. Zaccor)

(above) Snow Mountain, Keene Valley, NY

10/2/2021 (Photos: I. Hughes, B. Francis)

(above) Bald Mountain hike, Mendon

9/30/2021 (Photos: D. Wright, R. Penfield)

(above) Abbey Pond hike (pre-hike photos)

9/25/2021 (Photos: R. Penfield)

(above) Hike Abraham & Lincoln Mtns

9/19/2021 (Photos: K. Kindness, E. Cronan)

(above) Watershed Center hike to Chardonnay Rock, Bristol

9/10/2021 (Photos: I. Zaccor)

(above) Long Trail Day hikers

8/28/2021 (Photos: R. Penfield)

(above) Kingsland Bay outings/picnic

8/8/2021 (Photos: D. Andrews)

(above) Mt Hurricane on a brilliant August day
8/6/2021. Led by Ellen Cronan
(photos: E Cronan, Mac Gallagher)

(above) Hike around Silver Lake
7/24/2021. Led by Liana Merrill

(above) Hike to Skylight Pond & Skyline Lodge
7/10/2021. Led by Ken Corey.

(above) Paddle on Little Otter Creek
7/05/2021. Led by David Andrews

(above) Hike to Deer Leap, Killington
6/25/2021. Led by Ken Corey.

(above) Burnt Hill hike & lumber haul to Emily Proctor Shelter
6/20/2021. Led by Ellen Cronan.

(above) Hike Mt Grant from Lincoln Gap
06/12/2021. Led by Ken Corey.

Bristol Trail Network circles the town of Bristol. 6/15/2021. Led by Porter Knight.
(photos: R. Penfield)

(above) Hike Mt Abraham via Battell trail.
5/30/2021. Led by Ivor Hughes.
(photos: B Francis)

(above) Leicester Hollow Wildflower Trail (to Silver Lake). 5/22/2021.
Led by Jenn Mayhew (photos: J. Mayhew & A. Seidenglanz)

(above) Spring Trail Work Day, Ripton.
Led by David Morrissey, 5/15/2021.
(photos: R. Penfield)

(above) Belden Falls (TAM) Wildflower Hike. New Haven/Weybridge.
4/30/2021 (photos: R. Penfield) 

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(above) Watershed Center wildflower hike, Bristol. (First group hike since October 2020). 4/24/2021 (photos: R. Penfield)

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