2023 Outings & Events Photos

Hike Charlotte Wildlife Refuge. Dec. 14, 2023. (photo: Ken Corey)

Snowshoe from Mad River Glen to Stark's Nest. Dec. 5, 2023. (photos: T. Tefft)

Hike Niquette Bay, Colchester. Nov 30, 2023. (photo: K. Corey)

Hike to west ridge viewpoint, Watershed Center trails, New Haven. Nov 29, 2023.
(photos: R. Penfield, I. Zaccor)

View from Chipman Hill on 5.5-mile ramble, Middlebury.
Nov. 19, 2023.
(photo: K. Kindness)

Chandler Ridge hike included views from Lenny's Lookout. Nov 18,2023.
(photos: S. Patterson)

Mansfield Forehead Hike, Stowe. Oct. 14, 2023
(photos: K. Corey)

Raven Ridge Hike, Monkton.
Oct. 11, 2023
(photos: R. Penfield)

Rattlesnake Point Hike, Salisbury. Sept 30, 2023
(photo: S. Patterson)

Hike to Skyline Lodge on the Skylight Pond trail. Sept 16, 2023. (Photos: A. Christie)

East Middlebury Woods Hike
Aug 25, 2023  (photos: R. Penfield)

Trail Magic at App Gap
Aug 20, 2023 (photos: Deb Steines & Bob Rogers)

TAM Belden Falls Loop, New Haven-Weybridge.
Aug 19, 2023  (photos: L. Merrill)

Lincoln Peak from Warren
June 28, 2023 (photos: T.Tefft)

Ferrisburgh Town Forest hike
June 24, 2023 (photos: A.Seidenglanz, R.Penfield)

Trails at the Crown Point Historic Site
June 16, 2023 (photos: A. Seidenglanz, R. Penfield)

Wildflowers at Kingsland Bay
May 7-8, 2023 (photos: R.Penfield)

Silver Lake search for wildflowers, Salisbury.
Apr. 30, 2023 (photos: A. Seidenglanz)

Hike at Charlotte Wildlife Refuge.
Apr. 15, 2023 (photos: A. Seidenglanz)

Shelburne Farms Spring Walk
April 1, 2023 (photos: A.Seidenglanz, H.Nicolay, R. Penfield)

Snake Mtn east side snowshoe, Weybridge
March 18, 2023. (photos:
R. Penfield, J. Freed-Haitz)

Brandon Gap Snowshoe
Feb 25, 2023 (photos: T. Teffte,
H. Nicolay)

Shelburne Farm Trails.
Feb. 18, 2023
(photos: I. Zaccor, R. Penfield)

Window's Clearing snowshoe.
Feb. 2, 2023
(photos: R. Penfield, T. Tefft)

Silver Lake snowshoe.
Jan 28, 2023
(photos: R. Penfield, T. Tefft)

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