2019 Outing & Event Photos

Walk at Shelburne town park trails. 12/21/19. (photos: R. Penfield)

Snake Mountain hike, Addison. 12/18/19.  44 degrees, no snow! (photos: R. Penfield)

Foliage Hike in Addison County. 10/12/2019 (photos: R. Penfield)

Taconic Mountains Ramble hike at VT State Park, Hubbardton. 10/5/2019

(420 acres, open year round. Click for park website.  (photos: R. Penfield)

Beane Trail hike to Birch Glen Shelter and Molly's Balcony on the Long Trail. 9/28/2019 (photos: T. Stimson, L.Sample & R. Penfield)

Mt Horrid & Great Cliffs hike, Goshen. 9/26/2019 (photos: D. Wright)

Mt Hunger hike from Waterbury Center. 9/21/2019 (photos: E. Cañas , J. Vickers)

Late summer paddle on Bristol Pond. 9/7/2019 (photos: D Andrews)

Hikers on Jay Mountain in Essex County, NY were rewarded with great views from an extended stretch of open ridgeline. 8/18/2019 (photos: B.Francis & E.Cañas) 

Eleven hikers enjoyed perfect weather for a hike up to Silver Lake and enjoy the water, loons and a hike to Lenny's Lookout on the return hike. 7/27/2019 (photos: R.Penfield) 

Burnt Hill Trail to the LT. 7/13/2019 (photos: J.Vickers)

Headed up the trail to summit of Mt. Abe. 6/15/2019 (photo: J.Vickers)

Eight of the 10 on the hike up Mt. Abe. 6/15/2019 (photo: J.Vickers)

Sun and cool weather for a woods walk at Button Bay Point.  5/24/2019 (photos: R.Penfield)

Snowshoe to Treadway Mountain, Ticonderoga, taking a shortcut across Putnam Pond. 2/16/2019 (photos: I.Hughes & B. Francis)

Chilly walk to the Lake at Shelburne Farms (and brief respite at O Bread Bakery. 2/2/2019 (photos: R Penfield) 

Hike to Abbey Pond, Middlebury. Brilliant! 1/26/2019 (photos: I. Hughes, K. Parisi)

Snowshoe trek from Widow's Clearing to Chatfield, Ripton. 1/12/2019 (photos: R. Penfield, I. Hughes)